Strongbow Airedales

Family Dogs For Show and Field


Puppies born  January 10,  2014
2 beautiful males - they are both spoken for. 

 litter pedigree
(Colin & Rowan) 


Dam:Ch. Strongbow Pistol Packin Momma "Rowan"

  Sire: Ch. Reydaleterrydale Dare Devil, “Colin”

6 1/2 weeks old

Little tykes play on the slide.


Six weeks old

Puppies play with a wing clip.



Puppies steal Grandma Tulla's bone.


5 weeks old

Trigger plays tough with mom while grandma Tulla looks on!


  Puppies love their bear for nap time!

First time out in the snow! 

 Rowan sports her Wisconsin Badger hat!

Their first rawhide sticks

 Uncle Matt meets the boys!

Four Weeks old

Mom supervises bity face play at 4 weeks!

Three weeks old

Play time begins for the brothers.


Blue - 1st one out of the box!

 Just for fun, Grandson Declan names the is Tonto, and orange is Trigger!


Two weeks old and over 3 pounds!

2 weeks old & eyes wide open!

One week old

Newborn photos....