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About Strongbow

As owners of Airedale Terriers for over 30 years, Randall & Sandra Cooley established STRONGBOW AIREDALES in 1994. Having bred hunting and field trial Labrador Retrievers earlier in our life, it was only natural to want to breed a dog we had grown to love and fancy dearly. 

We were not a commercial kennel. Our dogs shared our home (in Grafton, WI), and all our puppies were home raised with plenty of tender loving care. We took the utmost care in breeding, whelping and socializing our puppies. 

Randy, who hunted regularly with our dogs and was a true ambassador for the breed, passed away in May of 2002. Because he established the first ATCA versatile (upland, retrieving, fur) hunt test for Airedales in Wisconsin, it has become The Randy Cooley Memorial Hunt Test   and is held every year in May.

Sandi continues to remain very active in the Airedale world. Even though she doesn’t hunt,  she continues to train for hunt tests, (in Randy's memory),  and breeds a Strongbow litter occasionally.

Sandi is a member of the AKC, Airedale Terrier Club of America, Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club, and Hunting Working Airedales. She is on the ATCA Breeder Referral List and adheres to the Breeder Code of Ethics. She is the treasurer of the WATC and has been so for many years. In addition, she is the president of a local dog park in her area.

STRONGBOW AIREDALES breeds to meet the AKC standard for Airedale Terriers as they are shown today. The dogs are bred for family companions, performance, conformation showing and hunting, such as upland game, waterfowl retrieving and tracking and treeing fur. Sandi’s priority is to strive for good natured, fun loving and confident personalities with superior intelligence, level temperament, and an elegant, stylish attitude.

All dogs that are bred have OFA certification.  STRONGBOW AIREDALES have excellent hard, dense and wiry coats with deep rich color. The full grown male Airedale measures approximately 23-24 ½ ins. in height at the shoulder with an average weight of 60-65 lbs. The females are slightly smaller, measuring approximately 22-23 ins. in height with an average weight of 45-50 lbs.

All litters are evaluated at birth until they leave for their new homes. The hunting prospects are evaluated by a professional hunting dog trainer. Tail docking and removal of dew claws are done between 3-5 days of age. All puppies receive their first puppy shots and are wormed, if needed, before they leave to be with their new family, sometime between 7 - 8 weeks old. Puppies are sent home with follow-up care information including feeding schedule, type of food to feed, tips on house breaking and crate training and grooming needs. In addition, Sandi is always available for any and all questions and problems you might have, because she is with you for the lifetime of your Airedale!

All STRONGBOW puppies are sold with either a pet / companion non-breeding contract or
show / breeding contract, which includes a health and temperament guarantee.    The pet / companion contract has a spay/neuter agreement included. This discourages the possibility of improper or accidental breeding and protects STRONGBOW'S reputation as a dedicated Airedale breeder working towards the betterment of the breed and striving for continued success at producing outstanding quality STRONGBOW AIREDALES, both in conformation and temperament.

The Australian Sash *

These prestigious sashes are presented in the English tradition to recognize outstanding achievement. The award is given to the most promising young dog (at its first National Hunt Test) in the Upland and Retrieving Hunt Tests, in the opinion of the judges. The dog does not have to qualify in either test to win the award. The sash is donated by Australian Airedalers. 

* Four Strongbow Airedales have won the Australian Sash; Tulla Tessa, Natchez & Shiloh