Strongbow Airedales

Family Dogs For Show and Field

Our Extended Family - Airedales from Strongbow

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Winston and his offsprings 2002








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MACH, U-AGII Strongbow Copper Star CGC, NF, OAC, OJC ,NGC ,TN-O, WV-N 



Starr, owned by Sue Lienau & Sandi Cooley








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Strongbow Texas Ranger, CDX, SHV

Ranger, owned by Kim and Dale Burrier











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       Ch. Strongbow Winston's Abby

         Abby, owned by John & Gina Oliveri









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 Strongbow Prairie Doon JHFur

Doon, owned by Tom & Sue Shannon 









                     Timber owned by Tom & Sue Shannon

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Ch. Strongbow Knight Regit Bernabee CGC

Kolter , owned by Dr.Craig Larrabee & Dr. Mike Bernklau






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Ch Strongbow Indian Legend

 Indy, owned by Stan & Ingrid Razney 









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 Strongbow Tessa of Wingate

Tessa, owned by Mark & Karen Werner










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   Ch Strongbow Navajo Warrior  

              Willy, owned by David & Alixe Bielot









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Strongbow Cheyenne Autumn









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Strongbow Hilltop Natchez

Natchez owned by Lawrence Alexandar








Strongbow My Darlin Clementine

Clementine owned by
Steve & Marsha Pfeiffer

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 Multi BPIS Canadian Ch Strongbow's Hollytroy Sundance

Owned by Carole Kane










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Strongbow Breezy Ella Louise CDX RE JH  

Owned by Joyce and Craig Contofalsky










Strongbow Louisiana Belle 














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Strongbow Lady Carley 









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 Rowan's Sons


Kota                                Jagger



Rowan's Daughter


 Tulla owned by the Canepa Family








owned by the McCoy Family

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Cali's puppies






Ann D and Strongbow Chips Ahoy Duseydale "Chip"

More Chip photos










(a Duseydale dog)
owned by Mark & Pat Wierschem











                                                  Freya's 2018 Litter





owned by Fred Lackie of Canada

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Owned by Brad and Tonya Slack
Boomer retrieves Video
                                           Freya's 2019 Litter



owned by Todd and Christine Galbreath