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October 2012


 On Oct 20 &21,2012 at the Fox River Field Spaniel Club Upland Flushing Test in Eagle, WI, Tulla received the 2 remaining qualifying legs needed to get her AKC Senior Upland title! Bravo to Tulla for doing a nice job both days with very limited training this summer.

Tulla just out of the pond getting her 3rd leg Senior ribbon.


Strongbow Pistol Packin' Momma (Rowan), finished her championship from the Bred-By Class going BOB at the Stone City KC in Yorkville, IL on Oct 7, 2012. Happily she finished quickly, and now it's time for her to follow in her mom & great grandpa Winston's foot steps!
July 2012

Strongbow Pistol Packin Momma (Rowan), handled by Sandi, won Winners Bitch for a 4 pt Major from the Bred-By class at the WATC Specialty Show on July 1st at the
Kettle Moraine KC Show in West Bend, WI.
July 1, 2012

Strongbow Pistol Packin Momma (Rowan), handled by Sandi  won Winners Bitch for a 4 pt Major, Best of Winners & Best of Opposite Sex from the Bred-By class on July 27th at the Great Lakes All Terrier Association Show in Waukesha, WI.   This was our third weekend out!
July 27, 2012
May 19th and  20th  2012

Click HERE for photo slide show of Tulla at the 10th Annual Cooley Test .

January 2011

Tulla was just bred today, January 18th, 2011.  Puppies due March 22, 2011.

August, 7, 2010
CH Strongbow Tullamore Dew JH, CGC, Tulla received her AKC upland Junior Hunter title on August 7, 2010 at the Fox Valley English Cocker Spaniel Club hunt test in Hilbert, WI.

January 2010

Puppies born January 21, 2010. Click here for photos.  Click here for videos.

November 2009

Tulla was bred and due January 23, 2010.  Inquiries invited!

October  2009 

 As of July 1, 2009 Airedales were accepted into the AKC upland spaniel tests. This was extra special news for me, because Randy was actively working on a committee to allow Airedales into AKC hunt tests shortly before he passed away in May of 2002. I know he watches over our Airedale world & he is thrilled that it finally happened, and so am I.

 This summer has been an exciting time for those of us that love to work with our Airedales in the field, whether it be the sport of hunting or the fun & challenge of testing. Surprisingly quite a few of us excitedly jumped right in, entered the tests, and although I could be prejudice, in my mind the results have been outstanding.
In just a few months, there are 2 dales that received their Junior Hunter title, both of which were 4 for 4 (4 tests & 4 qualifying legs). And 2 dales that have received their Senior Hunter title, with several other dales getting legs towards their title.

  3 Strongbow Airedales have entered these tests so far with great results.

 Strongbow Breezy Ella Louise CDX RE JH  owned & handled by Joyce Contofalsky received her JH at the first ATCA sponsored test on Montgomery weekend in PA. Ella, who is a Winston daughter, was the second Airedale to get a JH title with the 4 for 4 record. BRAVO!
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Strongbow Tessa of Wingate (who is a Winston grand daughter) owned & handled by Mark Werner has gotten her first qualifying leg towards her JH. And, she was one of two of Marks dales that qualified at the very first test that Airedales were allowed to enter in.
And, last but certainly not least, CH Strongbow Tullamore Dew CGC (who is a Winston grand daughter) owned & handled by "ME" received her second & third leg towards her JH title this last weekend. YEAH!!!! Unfortunately, tests are done for the year in WI, so we'll have to practice, practice, practice this winter and finish up next year.
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I am so very proud of the awesome job everyone is doing....GO AIREDALES!!! And, I am especially proud of Tulla and quite proud of myself. When I first heard the news about Airedales being allowed into these tests, I had no intention of entering, since I didn't think we could do it. BUT, somebody up there (two persistent guardian angels) kept saying "Tulla & you CAN do it!" 
I know in my heart that Randy & Winston  are beaming with pride right now....after all, they started it all!!! 
For the full report on H/F test, click this link:  ttp://