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Recommended Reading

Life to the Max: Maxims for a Great Life by a Dog named Max
by Max (as told to his mom, Robin Reynolds)
The Working Airedale
by Bryan Cummins
The New Airedale Terrier
by June Dutcher, Janet Johnson Framke

Aire Town hardcover
by Cyn Mobley

The Lost Champion
by Larry Wertan
The story of a champion Airedale terrier who is the lone survivor of a small plane crash in the rocky mountain wilderness of Idaho and a 12 year old farm girl who was born to be his best friend. In the background looms the menace of Heavy Metal - a giant killer hog - The result of a genetics experiment gone bad. The Lost Champion is an action packed story that explodes with spirit, heart, love and a stand up, cheering, crying finish. A new American Classic about a girl and her Airedale!
Emma's Journey: Spirits of the High Country
by Bill Molyneux and Sue Forrester
Emma and Aaron are Airedale Terriers. Soul mates. Separated by death. Then they are reunited as spirits in the high wild country they love. Now they are together for eternity.
The Airedale for Work and Show
A. F. Hochwalt
The Airedale for Work and Show, a 1921 reprint by A. F. Hochwalt, is a valuable link in the history of the Airedale Terrier that no enthusiast should be without! The book is filled with facts and lore of the Airedale's early days in America as well as several pages of carefully reproduced photographs. Hochwalt provides great detail on early breeders, bloodlines, and the progenitors of the breed. This reprint of Hochwalt's 1921 book opens a window to the past in the fascinating and sometimes startling evolution of the American Airedale.