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Family Dogs For Show and Field

General Training

Perfect Puppy (Bailey) – Reward-based training and prevention rather than punishment.

Control Unleashed – The Puppy Program (McDevitt) - The Puppy Program is meant as
“preventive medicine” for puppy raisers. Many common behavior problems can be either
prevented or minimized  by starting a puppy with good foundation training from the beginning. In addition, this book provides a  program that will help you create a puppy that is ready for
sport-specific training at the appropriate age—a puppy with the ability to focus on
whatever you want, for as long as you want, whenever you want.

Surviving Your Dogs Adolescence & Mother Knows Best (Benjamin) – Training based on the techniques
mother dogs use to train their pups. Uses no food.

How To Get Your Dog To Do What You Want (Eckstein) – A loving approach to unleashing
your dogs astonishing potential. Warren Eckstein has appeared on the television talk shows.

Don’t Shoot The Dog (Pryor) – Principles of the revolutionary “clicker training” method,
which applies the practical use of positive reinforcement in teaching new behaviors.

How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks (Dunbar) – Presents a comprehensive obedience,
behavior and temperament training program especially for puppies. It also emphasizes family participation, so you can teach your child how to train your dog. *It’s an accompanying
book to Sirius Puppy Training (see book & video sets below).

Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right (Cantrell) – Uses mind instead of muscle to train. Unique,
no-force training method shows that happy dogs learn faster and have fewer problems.

Ultimate Guide To Dog Training (Siegal & Margolis) – Learn how to housebreak your dog for
good; evaluate, choose and find the best training equipment; master all the basic training commands and troubleshoot some of the most common behavior problems.

Taking Care Of Puppy Business (Pivar & Nelson) – Presents positive reinforcement solutions
to many common problems that frustrate new dog owners.

Be The Pack Leader (Millan) – Cesar’s principles of dog psychology shows how to
develop the calm, assertive energy of a successful pack leader and uses it to improve your
dogs life – and your own.

Leader Of The Pack (Baer & Duno) – How to take control of your relationship with your dog.

Books & Video Sets

How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With (Rutherford & Neil) – Important information on
choosing a breeder, stages of development, what to expect and how to train as the puppy
grows. Book is a best-selling title on puppy development. Video shows crate training, simple commands & leash training.

Sirius Puppy Training (Dunbar) – Problem prevention & training information for the whole family.

Video is best selling & fun to watch with easy techniques for pups and older dogs.

Good Owners Great Dogs (Kilcommons & Wilson) – Well organized, understandable and easy to
practice training methods for dogs of all ages. The book is loaded with photos and the video
is one the whole family can use to train together.

Click And Treat Training Kit (Wilkes) – Learn how to select, shape and reinforce behavior from
one of clicker training’s foremost practitioners and teachers.

Manners For Life Video/Book Set with What all Good Dogs Should Know (Volhard) –
Demonstrates reward-based good manners training for dogs or puppies. It’s great for
younger or first time owners.

Videos & DVD’s

Clicker Magic (Pryor) – Learn what clicker training is all about. Includes a free clicker.

Crate Games – For Self Control And Motivation (Garrett) – Crate Games proves that crates
need not be limited to their historical roles in housetraining and management. Rather, crates
can fulfill their real potential as opportunities for reinforcement.

Advanced Training, Behavior & Problem Solving

The Dog’s Mind (Fogle) – How dogs perceive the world; how they see, hear, learn and
relate to owners. Trace the evolution of the canine brain from its wolf ancestors.

Culture Clash (Donaldson) – Get rid of your dogs-are-humans thinking.
Find out what really makes a dog tick, what motivates him and how to get the behavior you
are looking for.

Dogs Are From Neptune (Donaldson) – Candid answers to urgent questions about aggression
and other aspects of dog behavior.

How To Be The Leader Of The Pack (McDonnell) – Effective, humane ways to provide
leadership for your dog in everyday interactions with him.

Dog Problems, The Gentle Modern Cure (Weston & Ross) – Learn to distinguish between the
natural behavior of dogs and behavioral problems. Uses operant conditioning.

Help! My Dog Has An Attitude (Bohnenkamp) – Provides causes and humane, gentle cures for
biting, snapping, growling, dominance, fighting, phobias, possessiveness, protectiveness,
territorial aggression, etc.

Think Dog! An Owner’s Guide To Canine Psychology (Fisher) – An explanation of behavioral
problems in dogs and a guide to correction and training for the dog owners.

Smarter Trainers: Brilliant Dogs (Lewis) – Gain a new understanding of how dogs perceive our commands and respond to them.

Owners Guide to Better Behavior In Dogs (Campbell) – Explains the reason your pet acts in an
objectionable manner and how you can correct the behavior. Be prepared to modify your own
behavior as well as your dogs.

Excel-erated Learning (Reid) – Explains motivation, stages of learning, operant conditioning,
factors that affect learning and negative punishment in plain English.

Body Language And Emotions Of Dogs (Milani) – A practical guide to the physical and behavioral
displays owners and dogs exchange and how to use them to create a lasting bond.

Dog Language: An Encyclopedia Of Canine Behavior (Abrantes) – Explains why dogs do
what they do and how we can express ourselves so our dogs can understand us better.

Toolbox For Remodeling Your Problem Dog (Ryan) – Positive, creative and fun training
methods will help you solve any behavior problem.

So Your Dogs Not Lassie (Fisher & Delzio) – Helpful positive guide written especially for
owners of hard to train breeds.

Domestic Dog, Its Evolution, Behavior And Interactions With People (Serpell) – Brings
canine behavior and evolution up-to-date with experts on behavior, and also discusses
genetic and breed differences.

Leader Of The Pack (Baer & Duno) – Practical, straight forward training book to help you
get back the pack leadership you have unknowingly handed over to your dog.

A good source for these books is DOGWISE from Direct Book Service: